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Passion to Purpose

A seven-step journey to shed self-doubt, find inspiration, and change your life (and the world) for the better.

Released on August 10, 2021




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About the Book

A cross between The Promise of a Pencil and She Means Business, this book from the co-founder of a charity dedicated to bringing education to students in rural Kenya demonstrates how finding your purpose can change the world and change your life.

Amy McLaren shares the lessons she learned on her journey from schoolteacher to entrepreneur and co-founder of Village Impact, a charity that builds schools in Africa. Once she identified her main passions for teaching and travel and turned them into her purpose, Amy took control of her life—creating more joy and more impact, not just in her own life but the lives of those around her.

With this book as your guide, move through the seven key lessons from Amy’s story—from seeking sources of inspiration and tapping into your network for support to overcoming obstacles and establishing your legacy.


In Passion to Purpose, You'll Learn To...


Amy McLaren leads LadyStrength, a growing community of driven, entrepreneurial women who aspire to make a positive difference  in the world. LadyStrength hosts yearly retreats and events and has a free online group for like-minded women to talk about building business, living purpose-driven lives, and raising families in this busy and complicated time.

This busy mom of two splits her time between working with her LadyStrength community, growing an Airbnb business and being a hands-on CEO of Village Impact, the charity she and her husband, Stu, founded more than a decade ago. Village Impact partners with communities in internally displaced people camps in Kenya to access quality education and youth entrepreneurship opportunities. To date, Village Impact has built 14 schools that deliver education to over 5,000 students daily.

Take a look at what people are saying about the book

“Passion to Purpose isn’t just a battle cry for women with unwavering certainty that they are made for more — it’s a 7-step battle plan. My dear friend Amy McLaren’s heart-centered, illustrative, and transformative roadmap will empower you to move through self-doubt, find your inspiration, and change your life (and the world while you’re at it.) No doubt about it, “Passion to Purpose” is your catalyst…the perfect place to start the rest of your life.”

Amy Porterfield

Entrepreneur and Host of The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

“Amy McLaren will teach you how to turn your big sky dreams into a reality. If you have a fire inside you that longs to live a more creative, meaningful, and passionate life, don’t wait. It’s never too late or early to live like you mean it. Let this inspiring book be your roadmap.”

Kris Carr

New York Times bestselling author

“If you want to live a passion-filled life and make a huge impact, this book is a practical, inspiring guide that will help you get there.”

Kate Northrup

entrepreneur and author of Do Less

“Leading the life you long for requires daring and intention. Amy will show you the way.”

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt & Company

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Passion to Purpose

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